About Us

A Professional Interior Design Service based in Edinburgh

Arosfa Interior Design offers a personal, friendly and bespoke interior design service based in Edinburgh, tailored to reflect individual tastes. Our homes are a place for us to relax and escape from the outside world; they function to our lifestyle and suit our needs, and we are happier when we are surrounded by things that we love.

“The things that make me different are the things that make me”

A.A. Milne

Arosfa take time to try to discover what these “things” are and skillfully captures them in every interior. We take pride in creating interiors that compliment the clients’ personality and lifestyle.  Drawing on our design flair, imaginative approach and product knowledge,  we are able to design a home that is stylish, compliments the period/style of the property but most importantly is as individual as you are.

Aside from the creative process, Arosfa Interior Design also understands the importance of spatial requirements and we carefully consider how each room is going to be used.  In addition to looking visually pleasing, the interior needs to be practical and address the functionality of the space.

What to Do Next

If you’d like to discuss your interior design ideas with Arosfa Interior Design based in Edinburgh , please feel free to call us on 07412 090055 or email us, or book an appointment to view our showroom at 7 Napier Road, Edinburgh. EH10 5AZ.

Rhian Davidson

Proprietor | Lead designer at Arosfa Interior Design

Rhian Davidson completed her Interior Design degree at Glasgow’s Caledonian University in 2008.  After graduating, Rhian moved to Edinburgh and established Arosfa Interior design in 2012.

A dedicated client room has been established at 7 Napier Road which is Rhian’s home, providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere in which to meet clients and discuss projects.  The interior is also a showcase for Rhian’s interior design skills with influences from her passion of travel, love of texture, pattern and colour and ability to combine style from different eras.

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